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502 0 30 days eom - on time Payment received: Almost always late, between 3 weeks and 5 weeks (see details) (GBP 1000s ). (Will work for again: still do) Professional and reliable. 11/15/2007
501 0 60 days - NO, never paid Payment received: NO!! the first was received in May after reminders and threats, the second in august and only 50% (see comments) ( 5/11/2009 0:00
500 4 30 days EOM - See below Payment received: Never got a single cent (hundreds of euros). (Will work for again: No) First time I worked for Claire, I never got paid, she then contacted me again a few months later, and although the rate was really low, I did get steady work for about 5 months, she then had an argument with a customer, lost him and about 1 month later, blamed it all on me although she did email me at first saying I didn't need to worry about losing that customer as it was her fault, she still owes me for work I did in July, and I don't think I will ever get paid for that. About a month ago she contacted me again, with even lower rates, I kindly said no but no thanks. 12/18/2007
499 0 30 days net - on time Payment received: Yes (5^). (Will work for again: sure) 6/19/2008
498 4 20 days EOM - usually early - they pay about 30 days from invoice Payment received: On time (several thousand NZD). (Will work for again: happy to.) 8/20/2005
497 4 net 30 - No, 7 months and counting Payment received: sort of20 (almost $1000 20). (Will work for again: No ) I did a smaller job for this agency in January and was paid promptly and the person in charge comes across as very professional an d pleasant. So I didn't hesitate when he contacted me to do a larger job. I have since sent countless emails requesting Payment. I have gotten apologies, excuses, we should be able to pay you soon's. He even gave me his word he would pay a portion in August (which he did...$300) and then th e balance in September (no Payment). In October, I got another email full of excuses. Since then he has not responded at all. 11/19/2010

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