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495 10 30 days - No, Feb. late by 3 weeks, Jul. yet to be paid. Payment received: Always on time (~$1000). (Will work for again: Yes. Just expect to have to remind once about Payment. ) [Mod. note: Rating based on one Payment 3 weeks late and assumed July Payment will not be more than 45 days late] Michael Grant seems to be very helpful, giving plenty of helps, like TMs. He also responds very quickly to my email questions. 2/6/2006
494 10 30 days from invoice - 5/15/2006, so absolutely on time Payment received: yes ($439). (Will work for again: Absolutely.) Collaboration with Michael Grant was very pleasant. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. 4/28/2008
493 10 net 30 days after invoice - No, still waiting Payment received: YES ($500). (Will work for again: No) 7/25/2011

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