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65 0 0 Don't recall / Not specified - No!! I still haven't received any Payment!* Payment received: NO, the usual delay was 6 months in the 80's and was 7 months in 2004 (only one job in 2004). ($1,543.25). (Will work for again: Hell no!) *I received a jugement for the full amount in October. Just recently, the Court Officer advised me that he has finally succeded in collecting a partial Payment from them, which will be fowarded to me next month. Counting no chickens before they are hatched, I won't count it as Payment untill it arrives in my mailbox. ABC Interpreting is the worst of the worst. As you've read here in recent posts, it doesn't matter to them if it's over $1,000 or less than $50, [Mod. note: Libelous comment deleted] Avoid them like the plague. 1/28/2010
64 180 2 don't remember - NO. At least six months. Had to go personally to the office and ask them to pay me. Payment received: The first few invoices (2001) were paid on time, then I have collected a series of ignored invitations to pay (Over USD 1,000). (Will work for again: I don't think so.) This agency used to pay on time when I started working for them. The owner was nice and cooperative. Then, a couple of years ago, something went terribly awry. [Mod. note: hearsay info deleted] 2/2/2010
63 180 2 Supposedly 30 days - NO, 6 to 7 months Payment received: on time -30. (Will work for again: Never) The worse people to work with. They give you all the necessary lies such as the check is in the mail or has been sent. Then they will give you the lie that a company they worked with went bankrupt and owed them a half a million dollars. From my understanding they are in bankruptcy at the moment. The worse company to work with. If you want to get paid for your work definitely do not work with this agency. I even had to charge interest for the 6 to 7 months and even with that it didn't work. Had to get my lawyer involved for a total of less than 70.00 (with interest). They will give you the same merry go round so that they will not pay you for your work. Definitely a company to stay as far away as possible. I avoid them like the plague. 3/30/2012
62 0 0 Don't recall for sure, thought they said 90 days. - No, Payment never received! Payment received: No, received 6 days late, on 8/25/04 (with warning, so I knew it was going to be late) ($1,500 and change). (Will work for again: Of course not.) Since August 18, they have not responded to my voice message or certified letters, so I filed a complaint in Small Claims Court this week. 1/29/2010

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