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470 10 30 days - mostly YES Payment received: on time or before (CAD 2500). (Will work for again: YES) The first job in 1998 (a huge pharmaceutical document) and a few minor ones were paid promptly. There has been a delay in Payment for one minor job due to miscommunication with their client. Communication in English was be bit difficult (I don't speak French at all), but the people at BG have always been very friendly and helpful. 1/4/2006
469 10 Can't remember - Yes Payment received: on time (A few hundred USD). (Will work for again: Yes, please.) they offered me the nicest job I ever got: checking brand names for phonetics, phonology, semantics etc. A linguist job. 1/3/2010
468 10 30 days end of mont - on time Payment received: Payment received within 3 weeks from invoice (5-500). (Will work for again: Yes ) 3/27/2007

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