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453 8 net 30 - On time Payment received: No, I had to chase them a lot to get the Payment. (Several hundred $ ). (Will work for again: Yes) Dean is a nice guy 12/20/2010
452 10 30 days - 50 EUR paid after first reminder. Payment received: On the dot (304,00 euro). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!!) He started complaining about my high price after I started the job. Then he emailed me to say that he was contacted by another translator who would do it for .04 cents a word and if I would like to just proofread (email ignored!). After the job (a series of business letters and website) he, a native German, contacted me with questions about the transllation and grammar. These were discussed and some cosmetic changes where made to his satisfaction. A business letter came back later marked with his Italian client's improvements. Most of which were absolutely ludicrous, which I returned with notations. Bendetto sided with the Italian client and threatened there would be consequences. I expressed my perplexity. After the second Payment reminder he emailed me claiming financial difficulties. Months later I felt sorry for his difficulties (it was christmas) and discounted the price so that I would at least get *some* of my money. No response. Then *2 months later* after yet anothe 10/29/2005
451 10 I am not quite sure, but it's something like 30 days. - YES Payment received: no, [cheque received on] 16.01.2005. One day later I went to Bank and they told me I have to wait at least 25 days till the Bank of Ireland confirms that the cheque is OK. I??ve just looked on my conto and since this morning I can finally use my money. (No idea, over 20.000 euros ). (Will work for again: YES, I still do) They have another (head)office in Germany. I work for both. They are very helpful, even though they are always extremely busy. Their clients are interesting and they have translators work for the same clients always. So, as my clienst are coming back at least once a year with very bog file, this is good working!! 5/3/2010

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