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60 90 4 30 days from date of invoice (agreed and accepted in writing by the agency) - No - frequently 2 or 3 months late Payment received: YES (Thousands of euros over the period shown above). (Will work for again: I still do, but after the problems below (see comments) I limit the amount of work I take to avoid them wrecking my cash flow.) Although Abalis are based in Orl??ans the cheques are paid from Paris (from the same site as Agency Walker Services). The people at Orl??ans have always been fine but the accountant in Paris is either never available, or can't pay the bill as some vital element hasn't been sent to her etc. etc. When I tried to tackle her once over a three-month late bill I was rudely told that she has to handle the admin for six companies and can't be expected to do everything. Otherwise, a good firm to deal with as long as you're not in a big hurry for the money. 4/22/2008

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