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435 10 within 45 days of receipt of invoice - Still waiting for first 2 Payments (see comments). Payment received: yes (until now approx. 950 Euros). (Will work for again: Not sure.) Follow-up to my preliminary reply dated Nov 23rd, 2004: I have received all late Payments today. So as it was said by others on this list, they seem to pay, but it still is lot of a hassle. Jobs are to be invoiced every 2 weeks, Payment is due within 45 days. Following my first inquiry the accountant pretended a mistake on my invoice (wrong PO numbers), and that this caused the Payment to be delayed. Upon my second inquiry, the accountant promised that those invoices were on her Payment run that happens at the end of each month. Which does clearly not comply with the agreed terms of Payment. I recommend everybody to be careful. I'll post a definite answer by the end of November (when the delayed Payment finally is due to come). 7/29/2012
434 10 net 45 days - NO, 2-3 weeks Payment received: In the beginning, there were never problems with Payments, but then Payments started 'not arriving' until you reminded them a couple of times. (several hundreds Pounds). (Will work for again: Not sure) They *ALWAYS* pay late, and even seem to be bothered about having to reply to my enquiries. Up to some time ago, their usual excuse was that they could not accept invoices sent as e-mail attachments (!!???), so once they could not find your invoice, once they did not receive it, etc. Some time ago they finally announced that they changed their policy so now translators can send invoices via e-mail, anyway nothing has changed about the late Payments. I should have received my last one on Nov 11 and today (after multiple ignored e-mails) I received the following reply by a staff member: I do not look after paying suppliers anymore. My colleague Julie is out of the office until Friday. Strange enough, I received a read receipt in reply to one of my emails from the above mentioned colleague Julie *last week*... Obviously my Payment will be delayed of a further week, but no attempts whatsoever on their side to try and solve the issue any earlier, and by the way the word sorry is 9/11/2011
433 10 30-60 days - yes Payment received: YES (L350 (~4 invoices)). (Will work for again: certainly) 11/23/2008
432 10 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: Definitely, it was received either the same day or the day after sending the project. (Thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Yes. I will tomorrow.) 5/24/2007
431 10 60 DAYS OF INVOICE DATE - EVEN A DAY EARLIER Payment received: yes (SEVERAL THOUSAND EURO). (Will work for again: ABSOLUTELY (5***)) MY COMPLIMENTS TO MANUEL, SONIA & VICTOR 9/25/2009
430 10 60 days - Quite late, but acceptably Payment received: YES (I cannot remember, btw not very much). (Will work for again: Yes, if they'd call me.) [Mod. note: Unable to rate due to lack of data on how late quite late, but acceptable is.] 5/26/2009

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