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429 10 60 days EOM - Generally paid between 10th and 15th of month following due date. Cheque for invoice raised on 31/05, due 31/07, received 17/08. Payment received: (Probably up to 3000 euros over the years.). (Will work for again: Yes) Payment problems of a couple of years ago (I had to ring to request Payment on two or three occasions) now appear to have been resolved. 9/2/2009
428 10 50% Immediate [day following delivery], 25% - Usually on time, but I have had to send reminders on occasion. Payment on one job was a couple of months late, otherwise there have been several (4? 5?) that were several weeks late Payment received: on time (thousands of dollars). (Will work for again: I am doing a large job for St??phanie right now. ) Note that this is a direct client (a Website production company), not a transllation agency. St??phanie was one of my very first clients after I became a fulltime freelance translator. At that time, she was involved in publishing a periodical, for which I translated a number of articles for the English language version. 4/4/2009
427 10 net 60 days - Payment received: YES (several thousands of guilders and euro). (Will work for again: yes) [Mod. note: Assumed no problems with timely Payment] 9/25/2011
426 10 45 days - YES Payment received: NO, almost 4 weeks late (500+ euro ). (Will work for again: yes) 1/13/2009
425 10 EOM - Always on time Payment received: YES (not much. I do not remember ). (Will work for again: YES) Very good people to work with, professional and good payers 3/29/2010

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