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59 200 0 30 days (they told me only after the invoices were due that their Payment terms were 60 days end of month) - NO, I am still waiting (4 and 5 months late) Payment received: 1 Payment received and another not yet received (about 275 euros in total). (Will work for again: I do not think so) My contact at Abalis was Mr. Vion. He is always very pleasant on the phone, charming and polite, but he does not answer my emails any more, and my registered letter to them was returned to me unclaimed. 1/12/2007
58 90 6 60 days end of month) - NO, up to a month late. Payment received: On time (sorry - don't remember ). (Will work for again: I do not think so) In response to Julinda Fernandes' comments earlier. Abalis were and, as far as I am aware, are still owned by AWS in Paris. All Payments are made by AWS in Paris. I had a bit of trouble with Abalis about the same time as I was having trouble getting paid on time by AWS. AWS seem to have sorted out their own problems, but there are still [heasay deleted] regarding Abalis. Julinda should perhaps contact accounts directly at AWS. I think I did, if I remember correctly. 8/21/2009

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