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413 10 60 days - only once on time Payment received: (YES or NO)Usually, see below. 20 (around 800 EUR). (Will work for again: to their accountancy they didn't owe me anything. I only got a proper response when I sent a threatening letter to all the e-maila ddresses i knew the company had. The whole thing was very,very irritating, to say the least. No, unless I get a advance Payment. ) Had to threaten with legal action in order to get the Payment. Got them money on November 2004 for invoices of May 2004. A suggestion to anyone that works with them - insert a disclaimer in your invoice that any comments about quality will only be accepted for a period of xxx days - their argument after half a year of not paying and simply ignoring me was the low quality of the transllation when no such complaints were ever received during the time i worked for them. 5/25/2009
412 10 usually 60 days - occasionally a bit late Payment received: on time (GBP 100s). (Will work for again: yes, am doing now) Read the small print - it says all costs in transferring funds are to be paid by the beneficiary - this can add up especially if your Payment is small. The occasional late Payment (in the early days) I felt was more due to inefficiency than bad will because the money always came through when queried. I don't know why there was the gap in the work, but everything seems ok at the moment. I haven't dealt with Aurelie Guermonprez. 6/16/2012
411 10 not remember - Normally no delays. Sometimes, one week delay... Payment received: YES (don't really remember.). (Will work for again: Yes) I worked for the Athens branch but the invoices were paid by Attica Brussels and according to the belgian legislation. They paid with no delays but they changed their rates without asking me if I agreed... Since I said that I cannot accept this change, they never called me again... 11/23/2011
410 10 net 30 - YES Payment received: 60 days (low hundreds). (Will work for again: Yes) 2/3/2011

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