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work home translation jobs

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57 45 10 45 DAYS - MOSTLY ON TIME Payment received: early (1,000 EUROS). (Will work for again: YES) 12/22/2008
56 10 10 10 days EOM with PayPal or Money Bookers or 25 days EOM with wire transfer - YES Payment received: on time (some thousadns Euro). (Will work for again: Yes) Very well organized agency with convenient web-based system, my regular client, very fast Payment, but rates are not on the top end. They are registered in Spain, but jobs are mainly from England. I worked personally with Christopher and Aritz. 7/11/2005
55 30 10 30 days eom - On time Payment received: n/a (several GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Possibly, though the rates are rather low. ) The London and Madrid operations are basically one and the same, as can be seen from the PM's name. The rates, especially the min. charge, are quite low. Payment was on time. 11/21/2007

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