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393 10 60 days after the invoice date, end of month - almost a month Payment received: YES, like clockwork, often earlier (Eur 25). (Will work for again: Maybe) I have only worked a few times for them, always very small jobs. Didier is quite nice to work with. Still, I always had to remind them to pay. Debbie, their accountant, told me they usually hang on to smaller Payments until there is enough there to make the transfer cost-effective. Since I don't get enough jobs from them, I might have to wait forever without a reminder. They sent my a check over 25 Euros, of which the bank took 7.50. Until we both can come up with a better method of Payment I won't take on any small job anymore, only larger ones. 7/6/2009
392 10 first 90 days, then 30 days. - Yes Payment received: always on time without fail (more than GBP 3000.00). (Will work for again: Yes) 4/13/2010
391 10 60 days appr. - a few days. Payment received: Always on time (Various amounts). (Will work for again: I do.) 7/9/2009

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