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383 0 30 days net - Yes Payment received: Yes (several thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) 7/14/2008 0:00
382 0 For first two jobs, on receipt. For following work, 30 days. - yes, sometimes early Payment received: Always early. (a few thousand dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) Very organized. Pleasant. 4/17/2010
381 8 net 30 - Yes Payment received: Always early. (100's USD). (Will work for again: definitely, will be receiving another job this weekend ) So far I haven't had any problems with this company. They sent me my check before the 30 days 2/6/2011
380 10 30 days EOM - Yes, always pay promptly Payment received: Cheque received 13 Dec 2004 (1000s). (Will work for again: still do) 3/16/2008
379 10 30 days I believe - Yes Payment received: a few days late (a few hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Most definitely) Very professional. 5/16/2008
378 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: Yes. (several thousand GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes ) Very professional agency. 3/13/2008
377 10 30 days EOM - Invoice issued 16.7.04 pmt recd 4.9.04, inv. 27.9.04 pmt 4.11.04, inv 15.10.04 pmt 17.12.04. Payment received: Sometimes slightly late, but 1 remainder does it (approx L550). (Will work for again: Yes) Very friendly small company. I have been approached since 2004 to work with them but was too busy to take on the work at the time. 10/21/2007

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