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2663 0 0 0 0 Ashley Barrington Associates Ltd, England, Ken Dawes ( said he closed the company for money problems. He owes me 432 GPB since the last year. 12/20/2009
373 0 - L745.79 still outstanding Payment received: NO - They still owe me money, since April 2004 (). (Will work for again: not until this issue is resolved) Payments were received normally until early 2005, when the agency accidentally transferred money to 6/6/2005
372 0 net 30 - no, 3 weeks late Payment received: YES (GBP100 ). (Will work for again: probably) 11/14/2010
371 0 - Yes, I think so. It actually took 2 months from the invoice date, but that date was in the middle of July. Payment received: Always on time. (L300). (Will work for again: Yes, probably) 6/25/2005
370 0 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: Always on time (often within 1-2 weeks of sending invoice) (several 1000 GBP). (Will work for again: Yes) very professional agency and no problem with Payments 1/15/2008
369 0 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: YES, always (GBP 1000s ). (Will work for again: Certainly) Professional and reliable agency, nice PMs 3/4/2008
368 4 30 days EOM - No, several months late Payment received: Yes (about L50). (Will work for again: yes) The only reason I haven't worked for them since is that I have always had other work when they have contacted me. I get the impression they have a professional attitude. Payment was late but I think this was just a one-off, a 'technical hitch'. I didn't get the impression they normally had bad Payment habits. They were friendly and helpful when I pointed out the problem. 11/3/2007

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