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340 10 net 30 - Always on time Payment received: +/- 1 week (several thousand USD). (Will work for again: Absolutely) Always very professional, always ready to help and answer any queries. Sandi Conklin, Rachel Malleck, Erika and Kevin Hendzel are a breeze to work with 10/8/2010
339 10 Net 60 - NO always late, up to 6 months late Payment received: about three weeks late (several hundred pounds ). (Will work for again: Never again) [Mod. note: Rating based on comments] The agency did not set any terms for Payment (UK agencies normally pay at the end of the month following the date of the invoice). I started claiming Payment 60 days upon completion of the 1st jobs (for jobs done in November I started claiming in January and stopped accepting work from them). Payment was only made after sending several reminders and the last Payment was made 6 months after completion. This agency is run by a man calling himself either Christopher Ma or John Ma. I manage to recover all money owed after contacting the Association of Transllation Companies (in the UK) of which this agency is a member, and the contact name listed there is a Ruijiang Ma. 9/21/2011

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