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334 10 15th or 30th of the following month - YESS Payment received: NO. 1700 paid end of May / 1200 euro still pending (several thousands of US dollars). (Will work for again: I still do) Payments are prompt. I enjoy working with Dalia: she's a reliable busineswoman and a good, knowledgeable linguist. 8/16/2005
333 10 60 days end of month, which they changed unilaterally to 90 days - No, two months late Payment received: No, only 1800 DKK paid so far (The total approximate amount involved for about ten jobs was: L1,500). (Will work for again: Definitely not.) The Art International I worked for changed their address while I worked for them from 85 rue Gallieni, Deuil La Barre to 26 rue Carnet Groslay, so could be a different agency. Having agreed a rate for the first job they then said they couldn't possibly pay so much again. I think it was reasonably low. There was then a problem actually receiving Payment, and endless excuses. I had missed their deadline so I would have to wait an extra month. I hadn't signed the invoice which they insisted on receiving by post. I hadn't stamped the invoice. In the end, I decided it wasn't worth the hassle working for them. 8/23/2009

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