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330 0 Not more than 30 days end of the month, don't remember more precisely - Yes Payment received: n/a (Hundreds of EUR). (Will work for again: Just did :)) They are fully OK 11/19/2011
329 0 30 d eom - YES Payment received: No, 2 months late (several thousands of Euros ). (Will work for again: YES, without hesitation. ) Go for it ! Excellent small agency, very nice contact, very professional ans ready-to-help owner. 10/5/2005
328 0 can't remember - still haven't paid Payment received: YES (400 EUR). (Will work for again: NO) 1/3/2010
327 2 30 EOM - YES Payment received: No, a couple of weeks late (L 200.00 approx.). (Will work for again: YES) They were fine to work with and there were no Payment problems. 9/30/2008
326 10 Theirs, 30 days EOM by cheque after receipt of invoice - Yes Payment received: NO, none of them have been paid yet. -3000. (Will work for again: Yes) Jenny is a nice person to work with! 4/26/2012
325 10 30 days eom - on time Payment received: NO, the first one was paid 2 weeks late and the rest approximately 2 months late!! See comments (Many GBP 100s). (Will work for again: Certainly ) Nice people, professional agency 11/27/2007
324 10 60 days EOM - Yes Payment received: Always on time (several thousand Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes ) I have not worked for them any more, because they have their in-house Italian translators, but they are friendly and projects are always very interesting 9/6/2009
323 10 30 days eom - mostly on time or within 1-2 weeks, sometimes 3-4 weeks late Payment received: YES (GBP many 100s). (Will work for again: Yes) I am a little confused by the address given (unless they moved recently), but Colin Lugard is the PM I have been dealing with at this company (Arabic Graphics, not Arab Graphics) for many years, based in East London (and Essex is not that far away). They also trade under other names when they do Chinese etc typesetting (the latter kind of work - typesetting - is their main stock in trade, I would say). Payment history has been highly variable: sometimes prompt, sometimes weeks late and needing serious chasing. Normally the latter has resulted in quick Payment, but occasionally there was confusion in their accounts and it was a little difficult to agree how much was owing. In sum, well-meaning and nice people, but could be rather more organised. 10/22/2007
322 10 don't remember but usual - yes Payment received: As agreed. (600^). (Will work for again: yes, sure) Alex Rychlewski is a nice easy going person. it was an interpreting job and they asked some questions about dinner reimbursement but did accept the explanation and there was no further arguments 2/15/2010

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