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321 0 N/A - N/A Payment received: YES, sometimes early (0,075 euro per word agreed). (Will work for again: NO) They sent a project. I signed a puchase order which I had to correct. We agreed wordfast could replace trados. After many emails about the project and lots of mobile phone calls from them I asked if they wanted to cancel. They said no and to go ahead. I started the project. After about 4 hours work they sent an email cancelling. I replied stating details of my cancellation fee. Many more argumentative emails from them. I sent an invoice for the cancellation fee. It was never paid. I threatened legal action. It was ignored. The other staff are very nice but that's not good enough. 9/24/2010
320 10 30 days nett - no Payment received: YES (about 30 euros ). (Will work for again: No) [Mod. note: not rated due to lack of info on how late Payment was received] I did a transllation for them and their administration person first insisted that the invoice was sent by post and the invoice was then rejected because I had not signed it! Since when has one had to sign an invoice? There is no form that they supply with space for a signature. Fortunately, I had already turned down another job offer from them in the meantime. I do not know if their excessive red tape is a ploy to delay Payment or silly bureaucracy but they amount to the same thing. 7/31/2008

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