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318 0 30 days eom - Almost always late, between 3 weeks and 5 weeks (see details) Payment received: mostly on time, but they insisted on paying by cheque which caused extra delay. One Payment slipped through the net and reached me a month late. (Many GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: I very much doubt it) [Mod. note: Rating based on invoices not paid in full.] They approached me in Feb.05, and at first everything was fine: I invoiced them by email and got paid. After the first couple of Payments, however, things rapidly went downhill: suddenly, after jobs were delivered, they required signed invoices by post (! - EU rules state they cannot legally insist on this, and I never sign invoices even when faxing them, for obvious reasons), we had a big argument about this. Then Payments got more and more delayed, necessitating long phone calls to Prague. The last 2 Payments, when finally sent to my bank several weeks late, were incorrect on top of that (and not in my favour). Attempts to talk to them about late Payments met the following scenario: 1. I phone and the PM says: my boss is away until next week and I can't do anything in his absence. 2. The following week, Payment is made but is incorrect, so I phone and the boss says: the PM is away until next week, and I can' 10/1/2007
317 4 30 days - Yes Payment received: ALWAYS ($727). (Will work for again: Yes) 6/4/2006
316 10 Not sure, 30-60 days I think - On time Payment received: Not yet after (6 months late) ($727). (Will work for again: Yes) My main contact was Eva Lednicki. I had no problems and she was quite pleasant. They did have a tendency to send a few addenda to the original translated text, which interrupted a subsequent project, but I think it was their client who caused the disorganization. They did ask me to send an invoice by post, but this was after my emailed invoice was paid. I believe this was due to some local regulation. 1/20/2012
315 10 30 days end of month - yes Payment received: usually, occasionally a few days late (around 1,400 dollars). (Will work for again: Sure) Marcelo and Jana are very nice people and a joy to work with. 6/18/2007

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