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313 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: Always -727.41. (Will work for again: Yes) I had no trouble with them at all. They did have a tendency to send little bits to translate after the initial assignment had been completed (client had overlooked parts that needed translating). But they were courteous and prompt. My contact was primarily Eva Lednicka. 6/6/2006
312 10 30 days eom - see below Payment received: YES (GBP 100 ). (Will work for again: Yes, did one today - but see below) [Mod. note: Not rated as I am unsure if billing/Payment discussed is for the London office] This is the new London office of Aquent Prague, itself a fairly recent operation. I have worked with Prague since about February this year (I think it was set up not long before that as the transllation arm of the Boston-based recruitment organisation of the same name, which effectively has independent recruitment franchises all over the world, or so I am told by the London office). Although I always got paid, sometimes on time and sometimes with relatively minor but annoying delays that required constant chasing (I am talking about ca. 2-3 weeks), their system is utterly chaotic to a quite amazing degree: first they were happy with emailed invoices, then suddenly they wanted me to sign (!) and post (!) all my invoices, claiming this is a legal requirement. Since the Czech Republic is now in the EU, this is precisely the opposite of the true situation as EU law 12/20/2007
311 10 21 days after invoice - Payment was on time Payment received: yes ($730). (Will work for again: Probably - see below) I really had no problems whatsoever with this agency and its Payment practices. I did keep getting bits and pieces after the project was technically finished that needed to be translated, but this was just a bit annoying and I gather a problem caused by the client. A lot of comments on Payment practices lists have not been favorable, though, so I don't know how keen I would be to work for them again. 8/25/2005
310 10 30 days eom - NO!!! Can't remember but MONTHS late Payment received: about three weeks late (The total approximate amount involved was: 2,000 US dollars ). (Will work for again: Absolutely not.) After being jerked around by Prague, I called the corporate office in Boston and they paid me in 5 days. 11/1/2007
309 10 30 days net, by PayPal or check - Not received Payment received: YES (USD 14.70). (Will work for again: Definitely not, unless they get their act together re small, outsourced, jobs. ) Note that my involvement with the London office was post job delivery. The job itself was delivered to the Prague office, followed later by dealings with the London office concerning Payment. A long, convoluted process with no Payment so far... I accepted the job to begin with after receiving assurances that, in spite of reports of problems with Payments for small jobs, Aquent in Prague would be able to make such Payments without problem. I delivered the job on time, submitted my invoice, with my Payment terms specified, received an automated e-mail that the accounts payable person was on vacation, but then had a follow-up e-mail from her the following week acknowledging receipt of my invoice. But no Payment arrived. I didn't follow up on the Payment until I went to do my taxes in April, at which point I contacted Aquent again, on April 8. At that point Prague informed that they couldn't process my invoice 7/28/2008

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