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302 10 60 days - Always on time Payment received: Yes, always (Thousands of Pounds). (Will work for again: Definitely) Go for it, professional people to work with! 4/26/2009
301 0 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: yes (thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: Am working for them right now) 7/13/2007
300 10 30 days eom - on time Payment received: YES (GBP 100s ). (Will work for again: Sure. Did a job last week.,) I know Karin from when she worked for another agency - one of the nicest PMs in the business. 12/6/2007
299 10 - Payment received within 3 weeks from invoice Payment received: YES (L30). (Will work for again: Yes) 6/16/2005
298 10 Not sure - The Payment of the first invoice was received on time, the other ones were never received Payment received: NEVER (several hundred ?). (Will work for again: Probably not) The PM who sent me the projects was Emilia. Now they say that she does not work there anymore and asked me to send the invoices again. Until now, I did not receive the missing Payments and my last emails were never answered. I am going to try calling and try to solve my problem... 1/15/2012
297 10 30 days net - first time (invoice august 2004) payed in January 2005, second time about 3 weeks delay. Payment received: yes (about 1800??). (Will work for again: I think so. ) Applied has a head-office in Ireland and two more offices in California and Bulgaria (as long as I know). The PM are very kind and friendly, but the Payment is done from Ireland. Paul Weeldhon says always he doesn??t know where the invoices are, one must send them twice or more times... Finally they pay (sometimes weeks, sometimes months overdue). They have also something good: they give you time enough and the work is continuous. 6/3/2008
296 0 14 days after invoice - NO. 2+ months late. Payment received: On time (GBP 500 ). (Will work for again: I doubt it.) This is the Bulgaria office of ALS, whose head-office is in Yorkshire, England and with a branch office in California. My experience has been with California + Yorkshire. My understanding is that all Payments are made from Yorkshire. In addition to the above, I had a very long and very difficult negotiation with ALS Yorkshire about a prospective large job, whose parameters they kept changing until after 2 months of getting nowhere I decided to pull out altogether. 7/24/2005
295 0 30 days - NO, two months late Payment received: (app. 150 euro ). (Will work for again: No) 3/6/2006
294 0 They were to be 30-days at end of month. - yes Payment received: No, between 1 and 3 months (a number of small amounts). (Will work for again: yes) 5/14/2012
293 2 15th or 30th of the following month - YES Payment received: Not yet. (approx. 130 euros ). (Will work for again: yes) they have an online invoicing system which works pretty well and it lets you add your own invoice number, which saves you some paperwork. 8/15/2005
292 2 not really sure - YES, kinda Payment received: Payment was received within 45 days, which I consider acceptable (over $500). (Will work for again: YES) [Mod. note: not rated due to lack of agreed Payment terms] Paul has quite a variety of interesting projects to offer, always responds quickly to questions and problems. Did several small projects for him, 2 were paid within 60 days, 1 in less than 25 days, currently have an invoice pending. A really small (minimum fee) invoice seemed to have slipped thru the cracks and when I questioned it, Paul immediatelly responded with an apology and we agreed to add it to my next one (to cut down on bank fees). 11/22/2011
291 6 30 days after invoice - YES Payment received: No, about half a year (over GBP1000). (Will work for again: YES) 2/10/2007
290 8 Didn't discuss this in advance - A check came some 5 weeks later Payment received: NO, 1 month late (660 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I checked Appied languages when I accept the job. There were mixed reponses on ProZ, but I decided to give them a chance. Paul was very helpful with technical problems (such as unclear scans). And as I wrote he did pay. 1/12/2010
289 10 Didn't discuss this in advance - A check came some 5 weeks later Payment received: Yes (660 euros). (Will work for again: Yes) I checked Appied languages when I accept the job. There were mixed reponses on ProZ, but I decided to give them a chance. Paul was very helpful with technical problems (such as unclear scans). And as I wrote he did pay. 1/13/2010
288 10 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: See comment below (over $400). (Will work for again: YES) 6/16/2007
287 10 do not remember exactly. Probably, 30 days eom - Still unpaid Payment received: Came as a check by mail and cleared my bank at the end of October (around Euro 1200 ). (Will work for again: No) They have always answered all emails and inquiries but the fact is that all invoices are still unpaid. First, they sent in a check though we expressly stated from the very beginning that checks are unacceptable to us and we require Payment by wire transfer. Then they agreed to make the wire including the amount of the check but every time there comes some difficulty in processing the Payment or the like. The latest news of today was that the bank missed some figure in the account number and is re-effecting the Payment. I keep fingers crossed... 1/22/2010
286 10 Not stated - No, it has not been received as yet Payment received: No. Received mid January 2005 (Exactly $25.00 ). (Will work for again: Not unless this issue is cleared) It seems there was some misunderstanding with the project: I had to ask for acknowledgement of receipt a couple of times, since it was an overnight project which I even sent a bit earlier than requested, he did not remember the project, then asked if I had dealt with somebody else who had already left the company and requested the invoice. When finally I sent invoice, no reply or receipt. Maybe it has slipped through again. 1/6/2012
285 10 net 30 - NO, never Payment received: always on time (about L200). (Will work for again: NO) [Comments edited] ... in case you don't dare publish that, what you can publish is that this agency recently mass emailed transllation agencies offering its services at a very low rate. No wonder,! 11/27/2010
284 10 30 days after invoice - No, I had to chase them a lot to get the Payment. Payment received: Always on time (Approx 400 GB Pounds). (Will work for again: Never again. In fact they have asked me occasionally to work for them but I always refused as I have had very bad experience with them. ) When in 2004, I worked for them, they were not responsive to mails initially. Then they said they had posted the check. Upon reminders again and again that no check has been received, they eventually paid the money after 4 months. [Hearsay info deleted] In my personal view, the agency has very low ranking. 2/8/2007

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