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283 10 30 days from invoice date. - no, [cheque received on] 16.01.2005. One day later I went to Bank and they told me I have to wait at least 25 days till the Bank of Ireland confirms that the cheque is OK. I??ve just looked on my conto and since this morning I can finally use my money. Payment received: YES (550 pounds (770??)). (Will work for again: NO) In August I was contacted by Sarah Fisher and a job proposed. The invoice date is 31.08.2004. End October I send an email asking about Payment. Paul Weeldhon answered Sarah didn??t worked for them and he knew nothing about my invoice. I resent it and Paul told me they pay 30 days later (about 25.11.2004). End December I was still without money. [Hearay info deleted] 5/13/2008
282 10 30 eom - About a month late. Payment received: Yes, except the last that they dind't pay at all without sening the PO (GBP several 100s). (Will work for again: Possible, but unlikely.) This is the head-office - they also have operations in California (see below) and Bulgaria (about which there have been enquiries/replies recently on PP). I have had difficult negotiations with the Huddersfield office about a potential very large job, but in the end decided to withdraw from it before it started. This was for various reasons (difficulty in pinning them down to an agreed price, mainly), but one other reason included Payment difficulties with the California office. I had done a big job for them, and invoiced them as normal. When Payment became overdue, they suddenly remembered to tell me that I should invoice the Huddersfield office (!). So - a new invoice, this time with VAT added (!), which senior company personnel promised to pay 'Today - cheque will go out tonight'. It did not. It took some more chasing to get paid. 9/10/2008
281 10 30 days, end of month - The first two Payments were received on time. But there was a problem of a lost check. The amount involved was GB Pound 314 which I received late when the problem was solved. Payment received: Yes, on time (GB Pound 430). (Will work for again: Sure. ) [Mod. note: assumed late Payment made within 30 days after due date {5+5+3/3=4.2}] 8/17/2008

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