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277 10 30 days - 6 days late Payment received: Yes. (GBP100 ). (Will work for again: possibly) From the various emails I have received from them recently I have the distinct impression that they are going down the road of requesting lower rates from translators -- I certainly had to haggle to get something approaching a reasonable rate for the 1 job which I did for them. 10/30/2005
276 10 30 days - Yes Payment received: received Payment in 5-10 days (several thousand USD ). (Will work for again: Definetly. ) A day late here or there because of the new system they put in place. Automated processing system with Payment made through PayPal. Communication was always immediate. Martha and Sayda are really fun people, they care about the work they do. Personally I know that they respect my rates and are always there both for me and the client. Cooperation has been a breeze and processing of projects is extremely easy going through their website (talkbase). 8/11/2006
275 10 Net 30 - YES Payment received: NEVER PAID (GBP 40+something ). (Will work for again: Yes.) 2/11/2011

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