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271 0 30 days - NO, almost 4 weeks late Payment received: ALmost always on time ($39.20). (Will work for again: YES) When I first asked about Payment on May 5th, the PM (Edwin) told me I was scheduled for the check run on May 14th. The money didn't arrive on that date and I asked again two weeks later (May 26th). Edwin responded immediately, apologizing that they had apparently overlooked the matter and sent me the money via PayPal within 10 minutes. I really think this was just an oversight, they seemed very professional and organized otherwise. 2/1/2006
270 10 45 days after date of invoice - YES Payment received: It was early (more than 1,000 USD ). (Will work for again: definitly yes ) Edwin is very helpful and 100% correct 1/26/2009

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