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263 2 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: On time (850 Euro). (Will work for again: Yes) 6/15/2007
262 6 Net 30 - On time Payment received: Always on time (A good bit (too long ago to be sure) ). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info] This is (or at least used to be) a small agency. There was one instance when the end client of a major project did not pay on time, and Payment to me was delayed. But Peter Wheeler informed me of the situation on his own, before the due date. The Payments in connection with this particular project were then made as agreed. Wish all agencies had that sort of decency... Hope this information helps, as old as it is. 12/19/2010
261 10 30 days after invoice date - YES Payment received: Payments were all over the place... Sometimes very early, sometimes as much as 33 days late. ($1,400). (Will work for again: I??m working for them right now) 2/22/2007

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