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260 10 30 days - on time Payment received: (several thousand dollars). (Will work for again: yes, gladly) they are delightful people - all project managers and the owners in that company have been pleasant to interact with, every time and under every circumstances. 3/28/2006
259 10 30-45 days - YES Payment received: Yes (on 4/3/06) (Almost six thousand dollars in 2005 alone). (Will work for again: Still do.) ALS is one of my favorite customers. They have interesting work and are quick to respond to e-mails. You need a background check to work for them, but they handle most of the paperwork and I believe they cover the cost as well (I already had clearance). They were at the ATA conference this year, and it was great to finally meet them face-to-face. Go for it! 11/15/2008

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