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2647 10 usually within 2 weeks - Yes Payment received: YES (several L100s). (Will work for again: Yes) They pay promptly. Gillian Hargreaves is a member of the Medical Network of the ITI and an active member of its e-group. 6/22/2012
2646 10 30 days end of month - Yes Payment received: : NO. PAYMENT NOT RECEIVED TO DATE. (a few L100). (Will work for again: yes, ) friendly and very professional 3/31/2007
2645 10 last day of the month after the month in which they receive your invoice - Yes, always Payment received: NO (a few thousand pounds). (Will work for again: Without hesitation) Exemplary payment practices and a pleasure to work with. 8/9/2010
2644 10 I do not remember - Yes, on time Payment received: YES - he has never been late (166 ?). (Will work for again: Yes, nice person) 5/28/2010
2643 10 net 60, but net 30 for little projects. They prefer invoicig in the end of month. - yes Payment received: YES (400 Euros). (Will work for again: yes!) friendly 10/1/2011
2642 10 paid on request (many small jobs) - Yes Payment received: NO, about 35 days late (a few hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Certainly) 2/9/2012
2641 10 30 EOM - Yes, always Payment received: No, late by about 7 days. (from 20 to 800 GBP approx. ). (Will work for again: Yes, definitely) They are very kind and professional. Always on time with Payments and extremely helpful if there are any project related issues. 10/11/2008

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