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2634 10 30 days EOM - On time Payment received: NO, still waiting (GBP 1000s). (Will work for again: Yes) I used to do a lot more work for them, now it's quite occasional. Just the way it goes, I suppose. No Payment problems, nice people. 11/26/2007
2633 10 can't remember - always on time Payment received: not yet though 2 reminders! (several hundred pounds). (Will work for again: yes - see comments) I have only stopped working for them because I no longer work in the specialist area for which they used me. They are pleasant, efficient and professional. 1/3/2010
2632 10 last working day of the month following the month in which the invoice is received - YES Payment received: NO (a few thousand GBP in total). (Will work for again: I work for them regularly) A wonderful agency to work for with Payment arriving on exactly the right day every time. 8/11/2010
2631 10 not sure - YES Payment received: NEVER (Thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: YES) A good company, always regular with Payments and helpful with queries. 1/17/2012

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