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2616 0 30 days end of month - YES Payment received: No. Sometimes two or three months late. (several ten thousands of euro's now.). (Will work for again: definitely, I am still working for them ) Correct, professional, they encourage asking questions, reasonable deadlines. They ask you to sign a service agreement for one year. They ask you to work with their own CAT software, which they provide freely (+ instruction lesson and help desk) and which works well. 6/11/2007
2615 10 30 days - Payment for 2 small invoices dated 11.8.04 received by bank transfer on 17.9.04 and for larger invoice dated 31.8.04 on 7.10.04 - Payment for job invoiced 31.1.05 received 4.3.05, invoice dated 8.2.05 still awaiting Payment. Payment received: IN TIME (500 GBP ). (Will work for again: Yes) [Mod. note, Typo assumed in either 31 Jan 05 vs. 17 Sep 04 above] After the first couple of jobs I signed an agreement with the company specifying that invoices should be issued either at the end of the month or every two weeks. This states Payment will be made after 30 days. All Payments have been made by bank transfer without me chasing the company. 4/23/2006
2614 10 30 days - On time. Payment received: in time (around 2,000 total ). (Will work for again: Anytime) They're very professional and courteous. 4/13/2006

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