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256 9 60 days - usually 1-2 weeks late Payment received: Yes n/a (7000 ?? in all). (Will work for again: Yes, currently am) They always pay after one reminder, which makes it look like they actually wait to be reminded. Once, they added a small invoice that was not yet due to a bigger one that I reminded them about, so the smaller one actually got paid about one week early. 5/30/2009
255 10 60 days - NO - 15 days late Payment received: currently 22 days late late (1,500 euros). (Will work for again: Maybe.) The accountant told me Payment was late because I had not transmitted information for bank transfer. The previous time I worked for Anthea (in June 2004) the accountant had told me he would prefer to pay by cheque. Payment was a couple of weeks late too. 5/4/2009

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