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2612 10 net 60 from the date they receive the invoice by post (or email) - yes, some minor delays Payment received: Yes (thousands of Euro). (Will work for again: I still do) Being a large company, the bureaucracy can sometimes be frustrating to deal with, nice & professional project managers and terminologists. 9/29/2011
2611 0 30 days net - YES N/A Payment received: Yes, always on time except maybe once or twice, just because of too much work on their side. (Thousands of pounds over the years). (Will work for again: Still do.) Apart from one or two problems related to bureaucracy it's a good client with nice people and a professional setup. Please note that these are essentially two different operations. My replies above apply to the Slough operation, which mostly handles automotive transllations. I haven't worked for the Welwyn Garden City operation, which mostly handles transllation of manuals etc for Xerox copiers, printers etc. I believe they also handle software transllations. 6/26/2008

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