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2601 0 30 days - NO Payment received: Yes, always ($300). (Will work for again: Would need a contract ) [Moderator's note: Not rated due to age of info] I had interpreted four days at a trial and was only paid for three. When I called Sarah to tell her she said that she would send the check for the difference immediately. I did not receive it and called several times getting the same answer every time. After a several months went by with no check I sent her a certiified letter , return receipt requested, with a reminder and she did not accept it. After a a few years, they called me for a transllation. She apparently had hired an office manager. I told the person I could not work for them because they owed me money. This person apologized and did send me the check right away. I hope they have gotten better after all this time. 1/22/2006

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