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254 10 30 days date of invoice - NO, 30 days late Payment received: on time20 (EUR 1300). (Will work for again: ) [Mod. note: Rating based on the (given the circumstances (time) - in effect) unilateral reduction in amount due.] They asked me to translate a patent, didn??t notify me of their Payment terms of 60 days. After 35 days after I had submitted my invoice, I received a very unfriendly e-mail that my transllation wasn't good enough and that it had took them 10 hours of correcting the file before it could have been sent to the client. They claimed that due to that extra time, the client had been lost and wanted me to deduct the 10 hours from my invoice. I refused, as I had delivered two weeks before the deadline, so they had had enough time to made any corrections. I was not allowed to view the corrected file. I reminded them that my Payment terms of 30 days had already expired, upon which I received another very unfriendly e-mail that they always stuck to 60 days. Upon deliberation with my lawyer I decided to give in as it would probably cost me a lot more than the 350 euros they wanted me 3/18/2007

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