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2600 10 Net 30 - No Payment received: a week late ($2,500.00). (Will work for again: No.) I checked the website, and this is definitely the company I dealt with. I one small job that was paid quickly then seven jobs in very rapid succession for World Lingo (Las Vegas is New, but it claims offices in Australia, UK and USA (used to be California). I dealt with Lilly Chow as a project manager out of Australia. They were very pleasant about the jobs. However, no Payments came for several months and I had to contact the accountant Alan Molangi. He never answered e-mail except under legal threats. After threatening legal action in Australia through a lawyer I know there, I was finally able to receive Payment in April of 2004. [Mod. note: Incorrect statement deleted. The 888 code is for toll-free numbers, just like an 800 number] 11/7/2010
2599 10 30 days end of month - yes Payment received: NO a few months late (thousands of pounds in total). (Will work for again: Yes, I still do) Very professional people, great to work with. 6/5/2007
2598 10 30 days end of the month - Payment received: (Thousands of pounds ). (Will work for again: Yes, I still do on a daily basis.) Their Payment system has got better recently, it was a bit chaotic at the beginning but now I do not have any problems. 9/7/2007
2597 10 30 days eom - on time Payment received: YES (Many GBP 1000s ). (Will work for again: I do, all the time.) Their cycle involves Payment around the 20th of the month, it's made very clear. Payment is on the nail. 12/11/2007
2596 10 variable as mainly concerned transllation of a book - Payment always received promptly after invoice issued Payment received: No, 4-6 weeks late (L1800+). (Will work for again: definitely) Yes, Alexander is very nice and extremely helpful 6/29/2012

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