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2594 0 monthly or bimonthly Payments - Always on time Payment received: Yes (Several hundreds). (Will work for again: I am still working for them.) I work as a transllation tutor, not as a translator. Anyway, they're very serious people and it's really a pleasure working with them. I've never had any kind of problem at all. 8/30/2010
2593 10 rush job with immediate Payment upon delivery via Paypal - Yes, Payment was indeed made upon delivery as promised Payment received: a week late (53 euro). (Will work for again: Yes) I was somewhat suspicious at first because very little contact information is provided and their e-mail address is a free e-mail address of some type. The rates they list on Proz are much lower, but those are for the Eastern European languages where rates are customarily lower. (I work from German into English.) But I was indeed paid so they seem to be legitimate. 3/19/2012
2592 10 30 days - no. still waiting Payment received: Yes (us$ 1040). (Will work for again: never) Hopefully, I asked us$ 250 in advance. Then after a few reminders I received $140. $650 is left. Natasha told me last week she sent a check. Nothing received for now. I think she is lying. I will keep you updated if I get it. I would say be careful with this agency. 3/16/2006

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