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2587 8 30 days - Yes Payment received: YES (7 July) (lots and lots). (Will work for again: Most certainly ) Jess and Heide are wonderful. Jess used to translate himself, and so he understands the translator's position and highly respects translators. I work with the Munich office as well. 9/5/2006
2586 10 30 days - If not, how late was it: YES, even earlier sometimes Payment received: YES (7 July) (Thousands of Euros ). (Will work for again: Without hesitation. ) Heide is a wonderful person, both from the professional point of view and the human point of view. Wordshop, in general, be it the US branch or the Germany branch, are very nice people. They always answer your questions. They have always paid on time or even earlier sometimes (it is the case with last week's invoice they paid immediately). 12/29/2005
2585 10 Usually 30 to 40 days - Yes Payment received: (Thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Of course. Without hesitation.) Everybody is very nice at Wordshop, the Munich or the San Francisco office. Manfred Brandl is the boss of the Munich office. He's not a PM. Over the years, it could have occured that Payment was maybe one week late, but never more. Take the time necessary for the bank transfer, the Payment usually arrives withing 45 days. I consider them punctual in Payment (to my standards) and a very good client. 6/13/2012
2584 10 30 days from date of invoice - NO - no Payment received Payment received: Yes (EUR 1200). (Will work for again: NO) I had accepted a fairly tight deadline from Mary Butler, for a technical transllation. There were several files and, with the first few files I delivered, she had some minor comments about errors I had made (like in the case instead of in the event of -> items I would call editorial preferences). Under pressure, translating from PDF documents (i.e. not from a digital file), I made the additional mistake of leaving out several smaller segments. I offered a decrease in my price of approximately 10 percent, which was accepted. Mary Butler continued to complain about other omissions, all which were repaired immediately by me. Thereafter, I sent her an e-mail message offering to pay for the hours time required for checking my document, and to deduct this amount from my invoice. I still received a reply that she would look at this. After that, SILENCE. My invoice was due for Payment on 28 August 2005 and is now nearly eight weeks overdue for Payment. WLS has not answered any of my othe 4/16/2008
2583 10 net 30 - yes Payment received: Yes (thousands of euro ). (Will work for again: still do) 3/29/2011
2582 10 on a monthly or bimonthly basis - Yes, always on time. Payment received: Yes (Several hundreds.). (Will work for again: I still do.) I work for them not as a translator but as a transllation tutor. They are very responsible and serious. Never had any kind problem at all. 1/29/2012
2581 10 30 days - Always Payment received: (--- ). (Will work for again: Sure!!!) No problem with this company. Payment always received on time. Diana is very helpful and it is a pleasure to collaborate with her. 12/4/2005
2580 10 net 30 days - YES, always within 14 days Payment received: NEVER RECEIVED (several thousand Euros). (Will work for again: Definitely) Very nice talking to, Payment always sooner than expected, first class agency 7/19/2011
2579 10 net 30 days - YES Payment received: NEVER received Payment! (Several thousand Euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) It's a pleasure to work with Christian who is always helpful and pays early, normally within two weeks of issuing the invoice. 7/1/2011
2578 10 30 days EOM [see below] - NO, but lately, YES, please see below. Payment received: First invoice 2 weeks late, second invoice on time. (couple of thousands over the years. ). (Will work for again: If they paid me up front.) [Mod. note: rating based on recent history of Payments being months late.] I've been working for the company on and off since 2000. In the beginning there were not late Payment issues, but lately it looks like they are having financial problems, which they describe to be due to financial cash flow. The last job I did for them, I made sure I got paid immediately upon delivery which they agreed upon and paid me without any delays, so I have a feeling that they are trying to resolve their financial issues. Payments prior to that were months late. I called several times and they promised to issue the checks. They always pay, so that is not a problem, but when is another issue. Otherwise they are nice people to work for. 3/29/2008
2577 9 30 days end of month - Twice on time the third time (Aug 05) one month late. Payment received: on time (approx. Euro 250). (Will work for again: Yes. if they would offer better rates ,-)) Nice and professional people to deal, but their rates are rather low. 5/16/2007
2576 10 paid on request (many small jobs) - YES Payment received: YES (always) -600. (Will work for again: yes) 2/11/2012
2575 10 30 days end of month - YES, always like clockwork Payment received: Never paid (a few thousand Euros). (Will work for again: absolutely) highly recommended 7/20/2007
2574 10 End of month, invoiced monthly - Always on time Payment received: Yes on time (a lot). (Will work for again: Still am) The agency to work for. I have been an employ and a freelancer for them and I can vow that are the ultimate in organization. With an automated PO system you can never go wrong and if irregularites are noticed, they will contact you. High volume work from regular clients, interesting marketing pieces 3/19/2010
2573 10 30 EOM - Never late. Payment received: YES (several hundred GBP per month.). (Will work for again: Sure, I do just now.) One of the nicest agency I ever met. They use to send a mail to ensure availability, thank for accepting the job, send the PO before the job and no PO ever forgot to thank me for sending back the job. Delivery dates are very easy to meet. Each and every PM (and I worked with many) is extremely nice and helpful. Go for it. 9/14/2008
2572 10 30 days eom - YES Payment received: Yes (several hundred pounds). (Will work for again: Still do) I used to work in-house for Wordbank for about a year and continued to work for them after I went freelance. Project managers are generally nice and helpful, projects are interesting and Payment is good and always on time. 2/26/2008
2571 10 End of the month following the month of the invoice - YES Payment received: See comments (about GBP 5000). (Will work for again: sure!) I highly recommend Wordbank, they provide you with glossary, they are very helpful, deadlines are (sometimes) negotiable. 3/25/2010
2570 10 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: Do not remember (Many GBP 1000s). (Will work for again: Yes) Haven't worked with them for 4 years or so, but we did collaborate on several long-term projects. Anniki is great to work with. 1/18/2008
2569 10 30 days EOM - YES Payment received: Do not remember (About L1,000 in total for one job, and several other, smaller amounts). (Will work for again: Yes) Friendly and professional agency. Good feedback re the work. Prompt Payment. 1/17/2008
2568 10 30 days end of month - YES. Payment received: no, at least 30 days late. I had to send them reminders, which they did not reply to. (several thousand GBP). (Will work for again: They are one of my main clients.) After 7 years and many invoices issued, I had never had any serious Payment problem with Wordbank. Also, excellent people to work with, reasonable deadlines and great support from PMs. 8/2/2007
2567 10 30 days end of month - YES - but 2 times late because invoices were lost due to system change/new office etc. Payment received: on time -10500. (Will work for again: Yes, definitely) One of my favourites - interesting projects/end clients, good instructions and reference material, very well-organized system, and friendly, warm communication. You have to pass a test prior to working for them. 5/18/2007

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