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2564 0 end of month following invoice - YES Payment received: Yes (thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: Definitely) Very professional, projects always come with clear instructions and often with reference material, project managers are always friendly and helpful 3/5/2010
2563 0 45 days until you get the check - Yes. Payment received: Never a problem. (Several small projects. ). (Will work for again: Yes, of course, I work for them on a weekly basis. ) Very nice PMs 3/15/2009
2562 0 - Yes. Payment received: Never a problem. (Several small projects. ). (Will work for again: Yes.) They have an automated PO/invoice system. As soon as you accept a job they issue the invoice. I also receive an automatic notice when Payment is issued. 6/27/2005
2561 0 30 days eom - Yes Payment received: YES (Many GBP 1000s ). (Will work for again: Certainly) They don't seem to have my type of work these days, but I enjoyed working with them for several years. 2/23/2008
2560 4 30 days end of month - yes Payment received: (50,000 euro per year). (Will work for again: yes (only stopped because of illness)) One of the most professional agencies I've worked for, always very organised, responsive ... and demanding 5/20/2007
2559 10 30 days end month - Always received Payment received: YES (a lot). (Will work for again: Still am) I have been an employee for Wordbank UK from 1999 and a freelancer since 2003. They are a very reliable marcom localization agency, with prompt Payments, useful project instructions and responsive projects managers, not to mention interesting projects. Over the 3 years I am working at the other side of the fence, hunderds of POs were issued and none was ever missed. 3/25/2007
2558 10 30 days eom - yes always Payment received: Yes. (not much but long cooperation in time). (Will work for again: sure, I still do if they call me!) 1/10/2008

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