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2555 10 30 days - YES Payment received: Yes, always (Many jobs, totalling thousands of pounds). (Will work for again: I do, all the time, and I hope to continue working with them. ) One of my best agencies ever, in every respect. 10/20/2006
2554 10 net 45 days - NO, no Payment received to date for these invoices. Payment received: On time ($1,275.00). (Will work for again: no) The company paid five other invoices for jobs I completed and billed between 7/14/2004 and 8/02/2004 on time. 9/12/2011
2553 10 45 days after the project is finished - Not yet Payment received: always on time (close to $1000 for two projects). (Will work for again: Only if they make the whole Payment in advance with cashier's check. ) Serge bargained both times for my charges per word for transllation. When I called after two months of delay for my Payment, somebody who introduced himself as Chris answered the phone and said that Serge is on vacation. To me he (Chris!) sounded exactly like Serge with the same accent, same pauses in his sentences and same intonation. I felt he was introducing himself with a different name and saying Serge is on vacation so he could delay my Payment some more. Serge says that he is French, but he has a thick Russian Accent. Unfortunately I have lost my trust with Word Express especially after all these bad reports on their Payment practices and I am preparing myself to take them to small claim court if they don't pay me in the next two weeks. 2/15/2009
2552 10 30 days - yes until amount reached $400 Payment received: YES ($400). (Will work for again: never) I worked with Wordexpress for 2 years, especially Serge who was very nice, until once they accumulated $400 and refused to pay different invoices. Saying one of my job was not well done they refused to pay many of them. 11/3/2006

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