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2549 10 Payment within 14 days after services (consecutive Business Interpreting) rendered - About 10 days late. Payment received: Yes. ($ 906.00.). (Will work for again: Maybe.) When I called and told them (Serge Rocco and some other person in accounts) that I had not received my check yet, I was told that it had not been sent out because they did not have a signed W-9 Form....That was true, but they should have asked me to sign and return this form BEFORE I even did the job. Gave me the impression that they do not send out the forms in advance to gain time when it comes to paying their independent contractors after the job is done. But then maybe it was just an honest mistake.....Who knows! 2/29/2012
2548 10 Net 30 (not sure) - Yes Payment received: No, every now and then it is a mont late. (Less than $1500). (Will work for again: Yes) Serge is professional and pleasant. Owner Manfred Bauer is very friendly. 5/4/2011
2547 10 30 days after invoice date - No, received in late November 2002 Payment received: Never received (US$553.11 ). (Will work for again: Maybe) It was not the late Payment that bothered me really but the fact that they did not answer my emails over a period of 3 or 4 weeks. After that, I received the following message from Thomas Shin who happened to be away during that period of time: I am really sorry that I didn't check up every accounts these days. In fact, your account was missing in our last month's payload book because of my mistake. I thought I've already registered your record to my account manager's registration file, but it was not. I am truly sorry about this mess. It will never happen again afther today. I just sent the bank transfer note, so think your account will be squared on after one or two days. 2/20/2007
2546 10 30 days - YES Payment received: YES (It varied from 20$ to a couple hundreds). (Will work for again: Definitely) They deposit the money directly in the bank account 9/30/2006

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