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2539 0 45 days after invoice authorization - yes, always on time Payment received: Yes, always (several thousand Euros). (Will work for again: I regularly do) Very professional agency, a pleasure to work with 1/31/2009 0:00
2538 0 45 days after invoice authorization which is delivered once a month (if I remember rightly) - Yes Payment received: YES (Thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Yes) Very friendly, helpful, interesting projects and honest rates. 2/4/2009
2537 0 45 days after receipt of an invoice authorization (received twice a month I think) - Yes Payment received: yes (Thousands of euros). (Will work for again: Without any hesitation. I have received an offer recently I had to turn down because I was too busy, but I will work for them as soon as I have time to do so with great pleasure.) Very friendly and professional people. The PM I used to work with has left the firm, but the people who replaced him are extremely friendly and respeonsive too. 2/14/2009
2536 0 45 days after invoice authorization (completed projects are collected and authorized for invoicing twice a month) - YES Payment received: NO still waiting (Substantial ). (Will work for again: I work for them almost every day.) My favorite customer. Very professional and competent staff, extremely agreable to work with. 2/2/2009
2535 0 30 days - YES Payment received: NO, It's still late a month (1000 Euros). (Will work for again: Yes.) 7/12/2006
2534 0 30 days - YES Payment received: No, 3 1/2 months (+/- 200 EUR). (Will work for again: yes) 7/9/2006
2533 0 net 30, I think - Yes Payment received: a few weeks late (EUR 500). (Will work for again: Yes) The agency was professional and helpful. 8/18/2011

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