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2529 0 30 days - (YES or NO) NO Payment was never received Payment received: yes (696 Euros). (Will work for again: Never ) 10/11/2005
2528 10 30 days end of month - NO, never Payment received: One of the two was late -477.39. (Will work for again: NO ) [deleted] 4/25/2007 0:00
2527 10 45 days, bank transfer - No. Not received at all. Payment received: Yes, mostly. A few delays occurred over time, in terms of 2-4 weeks (see comments) (almost 4,000 Euros). (Will work for again: Never. [hear say info deleted] ) Apparently owner BERNARD BOUILLON is going solo these days (probably because [deleted]) Also notice he uses a gmail account for the company, not his own domain, such as, anymore ). His new contact information is Steenhuffeldorps 1840 Steenhuffel Vlaams Brabant Belgique Tl: + 32 (0) 487 59 48 55 e-mail: 3/18/2009
2526 10 45 days, bank transfer - No. Not received at all. Payment received: YES (almost 4,000 Euros). (Will work for again: Never.) The owner Bernard Bouillon only replied when I decided to put a comment on the Blue Board at Proz. He threatened not to pay at all because I had divulged the story. After some emails in which he confirmed the good quality of my work, he decided he would not pay because he found 1200 words not translated in a 60,000-word project. His own PO states that they would have 90 days to complain about any issues with the transllation, and this happened 5 months afterwards. He suggested he would pay an unspecified amount by PayPal (to which I had never agreed to in the first place) but only after I removed the comment from Proz. 3/17/2009

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