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2858 47 not rating not rating 5 This company always pays late, around a week, but this time they are going to pay me 20 days late, that''''''''s if they pay the day they say they will. They didn''''''''t give me any kind of notice for this delay, which is causing me all sorts of problems. They take several days to answer emails from the AP Department. Sometimes they don''''''''t answer at all. 2016-09-28
2524 0 30 days end of month - NO, never Payment received: Yes -477.39. (Will work for again: NO) [deleted] 4/25/2007
2523 10 30 days - NO Payment was never received Payment received: Yes (696 Euros). (Will work for again: Never) 1/23/2006
2522 10 rush job with immediate Payment upon delivery via Paypal - not received Payment received: Yes (800 euro ). (Will work for again: only with Payment guaranteed) On previous jobs they were slightly delayed, but payed after a first reminder 3/18/2012

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