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2520 0 30 days - Almost on time, just a few days late Payment received: The first Payment was a little late. The other ones were on time. (2-3,000 euros ). (Will work for again: Yes) I did quite a lot of work for WebLearn last year and never had any problems with them. Barbara Giampaolo is extremely professional as well as being one the nicest people you could ever come across. 11/15/2005
2519 2 THEIR terms: invoice at the end of the month, Payment after 30 days (and of course I handed in the job in the first week of December). - See below Payment received: 3 weeks, 1 week (^ 300). (Will work for again: NO) This is a very recent event, so I don't know if it counts. Even though I frequently expressed my doubts about the `Dutch' original, Bernard Bouillon thinks that he doesn't have to pay me because of my non-native English (contradicted by my proofreader for more than 8 years, Paul Read, and what's in a name?). He also claims that he spent a lot of time `aligning' my transllation although he knew from starters that I would deliver the transllation as a DV file. I did understand his problems, so I suggested splitting our loss, e.g. I would be satisfied with being paid half of my invoice. He replied with a single word: NO. I think that is rude to say the least. 4/24/2012
2518 2 30 days EOM - YES Payment received: received about one week early (I don't remember about the total, but the last invoice is about 1300??). (Will work for again: of course!) Vanessa and Bernard are very nice people to work with, they are always available and the projects are interesting. 2/9/2008
2517 2 30 days from invoice date - Yes Payment received: Yes, early if anything (Around Eur 1,000). (Will work for again: Undoubtedly) Payment is always made on time and there is no need to remind them about it. As far as I am concerned, they are absolutely trustworhty and professional. 5/12/2008

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