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2511 0 30 days after invoice date - YES, even before agreed date. Payment received: yes (US$700). (Will work for again: YES.) Contact person, Roberto Encinas, was reliable and always answered technical and Payment questions. 2/24/2007
2510 0 30 days end of month thouigh in France mostly sth like 60.. - NO!!!! Payment received: YES, always approx. 30 days after invoice. (approx. 800 euros ). (Will work for again: I do not think so) [Mod. note: Although no concrete data given on how late Payments were received, rating based on unpaid invoice from July 2004] one [invoice] dated July still unpaid. they do not know what that [on time Payment] is, generally speaking they pay after x reminders when they have a new job to offer. they have suddenly decided that for 300 words of orthopedics they offer 15 euros, which is sth like 6 euso cents/word.. when asked why they suddenly want it for that price whereas I have done similar jobs for the same client for much more, there is no answer. Moreover, they asked me to do an interpreting job for 2 days at a price that was ok 4 years ago. When I said prices have gone up, again there was nog answer.. They are always shopping and are not interested in quality at all. 8/27/2007

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