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48 30 0 n/a - n/a Payment received: Yes (n/a). (Will work for again: ) They contacted me through Go Translators to do a 750 word test transllation for them from French to English. I thought 750 words was rather too long for a test, but I did it. The piece turned out to be PART OF A CONTRACT. A few days later I received an email from Monique Nguye n saying my transllation was not good enough. I feel highly suspicious, as I have been translating contracts for more than 20 years and have received no complaints, especially as their test was only part of a longer document. I think they may have been trying to get several translators to do parts of a complete job without paying them. I'd advise other translators to be wary of doing lengthy tests for ART International. 9/20/2010
47 45 6 later than 30 days - one-two months Payment received: yes (): 500-2000 Euro together). (Will work for again: yes, they are very nice and friendly ) Groupe Art is an organisation of many smaller agencies in France, they have a central office for Payments 8/12/2010

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