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2500 0 45 days - NEVER!! Payment received: Payment for 2 small invoices dated 11.8.04 received by bank transfer on 17.9.04 and for larger invoice dated 31.8.04 on 7.10.04 - Payment for job invoiced 31.1.05 received 4.3.05, invoice dated 8.2.05 still awaiting Payment. ($300). (Will work for again: NEVER!!!) Lars Bradley called me to translate a patent. I had no information about Vitex Transllation, but I decided to trust him and I accepted the project. He told me I would be paid by certified cheque, but it was never sent. I sent him five or six emails requesting the Payment, but he never replied. I have tried to contact him using MSN Messenger. He is many times on-line, but he never answer. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS GUY! 12/23/2008

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