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2839 75 not rating 8 5 Payments are always late. Initially 30 days after date of invoice, then altered to 45 days after date of invoice. Actual payment 60-75 days after date of invoice. Pleasant to work with but late payment is extremely frustrating and reason for me not to accept too many assignments from this agency. The higher the invoice, the longer payment will take. Initially I invoiced once a month, then twice a month and then weekly to avoid these late payments! 2013-01-04
2499 4 60 day of receipt of invoice - yes, on time Payment received: A couple of invoices were a bit later than 30 days but the others were paid on time. (some hundred USD ). (Will work for again: Absolutely) Freindly and helpful staff 4/16/2009 0:00
2498 4 30 - always Payment received: On time. ($1,000). (Will work for again: yes!!) [Mod. note: Not rated due to age of info] I worked with Pamela Holmbcomb and Erin Fulp and they were both very pleasant, professional and easy going. I stopped working with them when the company drastically lowered the rates in 2004. I do not know what are their subtitling rates now, but it was always a pleasure working with them. 9/2/2005
2497 10 30 days end of the month - YES Payment received: Yes (around $3000). (Will work for again: YES) 9/13/2007

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