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2496 10 within a few days b - YES Payment received: No, never paid. -700. (Will work for again: YES ) fast Payment - responsive to work related queries - very friendly 7/31/2012
2495 10 60 dd end of fortnight - YES Payment received: No, never paid. (>1000 Euro). (Will work for again: Anytime) Valerie is great. Quick response to querries and Payment on time. No problem at all. 10/6/2009
2494 10 net 30 - No, 44 days late Payment received: YES ($2,288.40). (Will work for again: Maybe ) This is a one-person agency. I delivered the job in 15 Nov 06, billed it on 7 Dec 06. I sent a reminder when the invoice was 10 days past due. According to an email response from the end client forwarded to me, the agency's invoice to the end client was apparantly lost and the agency did not have sufficient cash on hand to pay the invoice. At my suggestion, two partial Payments were made about 4 and 6 weeks later, but without the penalty or late interest. If the owner had told me in advance that he had cash flow problems, or had he offered partial Payments voluntarily, I might be more inclined to work for him again. 11/16/2010

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