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2492 0 upon receipt of invoice - No, Payment received on 10 April 2004 Payment received: (50.00 EUR). (Will work for again: Probably, but I would certainly remind them of the 'correct' Payment terms. ) 5/31/2012
2491 6 Net 30 days - On time Payment received: on time (Several hundred dollars). (Will work for again: Yes) Very reliable 6/10/2011
2490 8 n/a - n/a Payment received: Yes (n/a ). (Will work for again: NO!) NOTE: R.F.J. (Rolf) Wennekes used to be the owner of Protext Transllations BV, which went bancrupt in April. Just before closing down, he gave me a 1800 Euro assignment, which of course never ever got paid, along with other invoices still due. I would be VERY careful to do business with this person. 9/19/2010
2489 8 45 days after invoice - No, 6 weeks late. Payment received: yes (GBP 500 approx). (Will work for again: Possibly) 1/28/2009

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