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2476 8 50% Immediate [day following delivery], 25% 15 days net, 25% 30 days net - NOT AT ALL Payment received: YES (USD 912). (Will work for again: Only for full upfront Payment) I would like to post a warning about the following agency with which I have been unable to establish contact since the day when Payment was due [the day following delivery]. Should the situation change, I will obviously update the list immediately. This agency works in all specialties and language combinations, so that it would not be inconceivable that one of you may be contacted at some time in the future, especially as I have over time given the owner the names of competent colleagues in certain fields. I have worked with the owner, Fabrice di Giovanni, for almost 10 years now. UTTA [United Teachers and Translators of America] has always been run on a shoestring, and Payments were never on the dot, but also not scandalously late. To date, I had always considered Fabrice to be an honest individual running into financial difficulties from time to time, but with whom I had a friendly, mutually cooperative relationship. This in spite of the late Payments 4/5/2009
2475 10 30 days - No, see comments Payment received: yes (apart from problem with 2 small invoices more than a year ago) (Euro 530). (Will work for again: Never ) I was hesitant, but accepted the job when apporached by Frank. Two weeks after delivery, I was forwarded an e-mail, supposedly by the end client, full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Mostly, the e-mail was referring to the part translated by somebody else. In reference to the 29 pages I translated ,there were two examples where I had made a mistake, such as forget to type a 0. Frank was using this e-mail as justification for not paying me for my work. My request to please send me a copy of a professional proofread version of my transllation was met with a very unprofessional reply. I doubt that I will ever get paid, but wanted to warn others of the very unprofessional way of doing business of this agency. 2/27/2006

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